💠Welcome to Loaded Nodes

We bring to the Cronos ecosystem a transparent, simplified and sustainable DeFi as a Service platform.
This whitepaper is considered an evergreen document - meaning it will be continually edited and updated over time as the project evolves.
Welcome to the White Paper of Loaded Nodes! We are very grateful for your interest in our project. Here you will find all the relevant details about the project including our mission as a team, how to create nodes, the available rewards, and much more.
Our goal as a team is to be transparent and completely honest with our community, as these values are paramount to a successful project. You are part of our story and it will be your journey also.
This document will help you understand what problems we are trying to solve in the DeFi-as-a-service space (DaaS) and more importantly, what the benefits are for you as an investor.
Loaded Nodes is an innovative yield farming protocol built on the Cronos chain. Through the help of a multi-chain yield farming protocol, it will allow you to earn rewards by creating one or more nodes on our Decentralized App (dApp). Then you can claim your daily Loaded Token ($LDN) in a specific time frame, to be outlined in this document later on.


Our main goal is to have several projects built on the Cronos chain in the coming months. This will include our DaaS platform and also in becoming a Node validator. Our roadmap plans to expand into other blockchains chosen by our community. This will include the goal to become a sustainable Node-as-a-Service (NaaS), and we will also launch our NFT collection after the public launch.
Our platform will provide value for our investors alongside a safe and sustainable project. We will be one of the leading DeFi platforms on the Cronos chain and will develop several dApps. Our initial launch will serve as a gateway to build our vision and future as a strong ecosystem. The community is at the centre of Loaded Nodes. We will fully involve all investors in asking for their ideas, communicating future developments and for their feed back on projects.
The project is based on the Cronos chain and will result in some of the lowest gas fees. This in turn will lower the transactions costs.