🔹 How does it work ?

◽ Information

Loaded Nodes, a reliable protocol, distributes rewards every 24 hours.
The number of $LDN tokens at launch is set to 1 million.
Investors who purchased Loaded Nodes will receive passive rewards in the form of $LDN tokens. This reward comes from the reward pool, so each node holder will be paid from this pool. In order to make Loaded Nodes accessible to everyone, there will be different tiers of Nodes at scaled prices. The daily reward depends on the respective tier level purchased.
The $LDN tokens can be purchased / swapped on the official Loaded dApp. The liquidity for the $LDN token has been setup on the Mad Meerkat Finance (MMF) DEX, but the purchase / swap is done exclusively on the Loaded dApp. Therefore we leave it up to the investor to buy and sell $LDN tokens and be fully in control of their own node setup.

◽ Sustainability

If a protocol has high and unrealistic rewards from its inception, it will not be sustainable long term. While it’s appealing that you may get your ROI faster, it also means that the protocol has a higher chance of running out of liquidity to pay out investors. The problem is that the rate of paying investors and the rewards you can receive from investing in the treasury, is disproportional depending on multiple factors.
Remember that you need to account for the whole protocol when taking into account rewards. For example, many protocols have different types of taxes that needed to be taken into account. For example - if you have a 2% reward rate but a sell tax of 50%, the true reward is 1%. This is why we will provide NFT Boosters for Loaded Nodes investors.
The lower and more realistic the rewards, the better it is for the protocol and the investors. It gives longevity to the protocol and it gives time to adapt to volatile market conditions. The chances of bringing a sustainable project to the Cronos ecosystem are low, if sustainability is not properly planned and thought through prior to the launch of the project.
We want to grow together and build something healthy & sustainable for the long term. By becoming a validator on multiple blockchains, launching our NFT collection and then our marketplace, will ensure our sustainability for the future. This will all be alongside the LMS feature, and a number of investments with profitable returns to contribute to the reward pool.