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LDN Official Team

Founders :


The Artistic Director and the man behind the visual identity of Loaded Nodes. He also takes care of the organization with the different team members of the protocol to carry out the communication and marketing. It was utilising a future vision to see the Cronos chain evolve, that Baxter founded Loaded Nodes alongside Mobius and Vladédé, to bring all his management experience to make Loaded Nodes a profitable and sustainable protocol.


A joint co-founder of the Loaded Nodes protocol, Mobius is also what we call a "blockchain maximalist". He is also an expert in Solidity, has improved his skills in innovative Blockchain startups and completed studies in blockchain engineering. Mobius is fully responsible for the blockchain development aspect of the project alongside Baxter and Vladédé.


A joint co-founder of the Loaded Nodes protocol, with a background in nuclear engineering. He graduated from one of the best engineering schools in France and is a former professional Valorant player. He has been working in the crypto-currency field for over a year with major projects like Neoland.
His vision is to build a strong and sustainable community by setting up the right partnerships with influencers, the team, and other partners. He contributes to the smooth running of the project with his skills in leadership, project management and innovation.
Vladédé is a key member of the Loaded Nodes team due to his expertise in this field.

Developers :

Reglisse - Lead Developer

Reglisse is a full-stack developer specializing in web app and blockchain development. He is handling the global web development of the website and dApp, including the UI/UX design and full-stack development.

Morty - Full-Stack developer

David, aka 'Morty', graduated in Philosophy & Sciences and worked for years in the music industry as a musician, producer and a DJ. He then redirected his career into Web Development as a freelancer. He's been part of e-sports and content creation projects serving mostly as a consultant when he's not playing.

Skibi - Full-Stack developer

Baptiste, aka Skibi, is a back-end developer and discord bot developer when needed. With his skills in traditional programming languages such as JS or C, he stands out by his exponential growth in the field of blockchain and its interactions to web world.

Delouisiano - Full-Stack developer

Delouisiano is a full-stack developer specializing in web app and backend development. He is handling the development of the website and dApp, including full-stack development and on-chain interactions.

Safir - SEO Expert

Safir with his SEO expertise will do additional work on our Loaded Nodes project. Having worked for 3 years on search engine optimization for both landing and e-commerce sites, he is an experienced in user interface management.

Community & Discord :

NoPhilter - Discord Manager

Obi-Wan - Community Manager

With a background in law enforcement, and more recently - directorship, Obi-Wan is highly proficient at networking and multi tasking within the Crypto space, following years of experience within Crypto and trading on real world markets. As well as moderating on other crypto projects, Obi also manages to find time to be an Admin on a major sports discord channel with over 30,000 members. An obvious Star Wars fan, his discord pseudonym was chosen by his 6 year old son. Now the community manager for Loaded Nodes, Obi is passionate about seeing Loaded thrive and in bringing the community together. May the crypto force be with him.

Loulou - Discord Security

A graduate in networks and telecommunications, Loulou is an ace in communication and a master of discord security. We could describe him as our security agent. He manages all the security part of the Discord server in order to offer you an ideal framework for exchange and discussions. Working on many projects related to cryptocurrency and NFTs, he manages over 2.4 million users on Discord worldwide.

Camillejard - Tech Admin

Camille is a self-taught individual passionate about the internet and the Crypto space in general. A real Swiss Army knife in this project, she is in charge of the management and the smooth running of the protocol and especially of the Discord server. With many years of experience in different fields, her vision helps us greatly to advance this project.

Armetiis - Tech Admin

Armetiis is a Moroccan student in physics and industrial design. She speaks French, English, Moroccan and even Spanish! She has experience of overseeing fifty Discord servers and is a real asset for this project. Available across multiple time zones, she adds in depth tech expertise in the expansion and maintenance of the Loaded Nodes discord server.

Design :

Saihtam - Motion Design

Saihtam is working closely with Evan, our 3D creator, to complement each other in building upon existing videos and visual animate. He is the video editor, motion designer and content creator to work alongside the Loaded design team who continues to go above and beyond in giving his time and skills to create amazing content.

Evan - 3D Artist & Creator

After several years of studies, Evan transferred his skills into becoming a 3D artist for which he devotes a lot of time to the creation of environments. He assists the Loaded Nodes design team in the creation of logo and 3D animation. Evan is also working on other projects such as the creation of a mainstream video game and other NFT project's outside of Loaded Nodes.

Xeno.s - Designer & Illustrator

Xeno.s is a highly skilled illustrator and character designer. His Instagram clearly demonstrates his talents and previous work. He takes care of visuals such as emotes and mascots as well as everything illustration related in the project. His expertise in NFT artwork and creation is also proving to be invaluable to the project.