🔸 Investments

As our treasury grows we will be investing accordingly with the approval of our community.
We also monitor bull and bear markets to take advantage of any circumstances and investing in other protocols that are considered lucrative.
Liquidity Provision — We’re going to provide liquidity to multiple stable coins and perform buybacks of $LDN for the reward pool with the investment returns.
Projects — Community voting will be organized to choose which projects we will invest in.
Validator Nodes — We will be setting up and running validator nodes on multiple chains such as CRO ( Node), SOL, AVAX and ETH. There is potential for the BTC chain to be utilised as an option in the future.
Gamification — exploration of 'play to earn' (P2E) ventures where the $LDN token could be earned 'in game' by real world players via browser based or solo / multiplayer downloadable games.
Real Estate — Create a fractional rental (roughly 10%/month of the initial investment) and sharing income scheme for the community.
Trading — Significantly increase liquidity.