🔸 Liquidity Management System (LMS)

In Q3 of 2022, Loaded Nodes announced a new partnership with Horde Finance, to implement their Liquidity Management System (LMS). The LMS uses a stable coin type strategy and a 'buy and sell' algorithm to dictate or restrict the price range of a specific token.
In essence, the algorithm ensures that the range is kept stable, whilst adding liquidity to the protocol.
The Loaded Nodes team will be working closely alongside the Horde Finance Liquidity Managers, to assist in the stabilization of the $LDN token.
Following presale, the public price launch range of $LDN will be set between $2.0 to $2.3. This however could be adjusted upwards depending how the project evolves.
The LMS will be further boosted by the 1.7% sell tax from all sales of $LDN.
Also 30% of the treasury will be allocated to the LMS to boost it.
In addition, a percentage of the funds generated by the NFT collection and the trading gains will be allocated to the LMS
This will be closely monitored and subject to review throughout by the Loaded Nodes and Horde teams in order to ensure stability. Any changes will be clearly communicated to the Loaded Nodes investors.