🔸 Presale

◽ Loaded Nodes Presale Offering

We have a number of goals for the implementation of our ecosystem and the presale will be the first step in bringing Loaded Nodes to life.
Loaded Nodes will launch a presale event for whitelisted participants, which will enable investors to buy Nodes at a lower price than at the public launch.

◽ Use of Presale Capital

Through the presale, we aim to obtain funds to ensure the stability of the project from launch in order to develop and make future improvements to the overall ecosystem.
All funding will be evaluated by the whole team to ensure the most optimal choices.
At the start we will use this funding to ensure the following objectives :
  • Fund initial liquidity for $LDN.
  • Fund the development of the Loaded Node ecosystem and the infrastructure / security aspects of the project.
  • Fund a worldwide marketing campaign (social media, partnerships etc.)

◽ Presale Date

The Presale will be held on October 13 at 17:00 UTC for 24 hours, with the following structure :
  • First 2 hours for OG members.
  • 10 hours for OG members & WL.
  • 10 hours for OG members, WL & Croge NFT Holders.
  • Last 2 hours - If during presale the set goal of 4000 nodes is not met, there may be an opportunity for the public to have access to presale prices.
2 hours after the close of presale, the public launch will then commence utilising the LMS price range.
Loaded Nodes - Presale Timeline

​​◽ How to Participate

Your whitelist wallet address must be registered to be able to participate in the pre-sale which will be available online before the launch.
The wallet needs to be linked for White Listing on our discord by searching for - #wallet-linking
We will only accept $CRO as a payment method for the presale.

What is the number of whitelist spots available for the presale?

There are a maximum of 600 spots and it is subject to change in the final weeks prior to prelaunch.

How many Loaded Nodes will be sold during the presale?

We are going to sell a maximum of 4000 Nodes during the presale. This sale will be strictly on a 'first come first serve' basis.

What's the minimum investment for the presale?

A minimum of 1 x Loaded Node will be required.

What is the node cost during the presale?

Tier 1 : 75$ in $CRO
Tier 2 : 110$ in $CRO
Tier 3 : 150$ in $CRO

What is the maximum investment for the presale?

A maximum of 20 Loaded Nodes per whitelisted address will be set during the presale.