🔸 Tiers Stats & Node Cap

Loaded Nodes offers 4 types or 'tiers' of nodes, each offering a different daily reward. In the future there will be additional tiers available. In addition, a collection of NFTs that allows you to upgrade your node will be available after launch.
This table shows the breakdown statistics for each Node Tier :
Loaded Nodes - Tier Stats Table

Node Cap

In order to ensure the protocol's long term sustainability, there will be a node cap for all tier's of nodes upon launch. These have been set to the following figures :
Tier 1 : 50,000
Tier 2 : 35,000
Tier 3 : 15,000
Croge Node : 2500
This initial node cap of 100,000 across all 3 x Tier's will remain dynamic and can be increased (if needed) depending upon the success of the protocol.