🔸 Tokenomics

◽ $LDN Tokenomics Breakdown

  • The total supply of $LDN tokens will be set at 1 Million.
  • In addition, the LP will be locked in for one year after the pre-sale to help ensure the project's sustainability.
  • All sales of $LDN will be subject to a 1.7% sell tax to directly support the LMS.

Basic Info :

➡ Name : Loaded Nodes Token ➡ Symbol : $LDN ➡ Decimals : 18 ➡ PAIR : USDC/LDN ➡ Network : Cronos Chain (CRO) ➡ Contract Address : 0x97cfbdf107468e88e80929afe085541d4725d4ff
  • 60% of the supply will be allocated to the reward pool. The reward pool is the pool that handles the distribution of rewards amongst investors.
  • 19% of the supply will be used for the treasury pool. The treasury has its main objective to secure and increase the value of $LDN via different investments and projects.
  • 14.5% of the supply will be used after the pre-sale to fix the initial liquidity. Our $LDN token will be launched at a price of $2, which could fluctuate due to market conditions and the LMS system.
  • 4% of the supply will go to the team. These tokens will not be vested.
  • 2.5% of the supply will be used for partnerships. This part will only be used for future collaborations, including partnerships already in place. These tokens will not be vested.
The chart reflects the teams commitment to redistributing the rewards appropriately to ensure that the investors come first.
$LDN Tokenomics