🔸 Values

☑️ Always act with integrity

Our most precious asset is the trust that our community has placed in us. We shall always attempt to make the right decisions and act with the utmost honesty. The community will discuss and decide alongside us on choices or concerns in Loaded Nodes.

☑️ Always ask questions

It's critical for the community to ask questions. It's also imperative to stay on the cutting edge of technology and trends, and to always be moving forward to reach our goals in the ever-changing Defi and Node environment.

☑️ Always be available

We wouldn't be where we are now without the help and support of our incredible community. We are also well aware that the quality of communication can make or break any project. Therefore we will make every effort to be available to answer questions put forward or simply communicate on a social level, whether that is on Discord, Telegram or Twitter. If any problems develop, members of the Loaded Nodes team will always be available to help. Communication is paramount to any successful protocol, and we intend to honour our community by delivering the highest standards in this area.